TV Units

With provisions for wires, DVD storage and Digital boxes, our TV tables contain everything you need to minimise clutter in your living space. From traditional Chinese black lacquer to stylish Oak TV tables, our collection will feature the perfect piece for you. Chinese Lacquer TV Tables 4 Living offer contemporary Oriental TV tables in either luxurious black lacquer or a subtle cream white. The small contemporary Oriental lacquer TV table offers more than adequate storage, with two drawers for DVD’s or any other storage and a spacious open drawer for DVD players, Sky boxes etc. The traditional Chinese style lip around the top edge of the piece gives a real sense of the orient. However, the clean lines and contemporary open shelf will mean that a stylish modern TV will not look out of place; quite the contrary, it will fit seamlessly. Large Chinese TV tables 4 Living are also proud to offer a larger alternative in the contemporary Oriental range. The large black lacquer TV table offers a fantastic amount of storage and an elegant balance of style and functionality. Either side of a sleek drawer, sit doors with a stylish brass handle and plenty of space. The TV Table features a hole at the back to keep all the wires tidy. Solid Wood TV Tables As well as the sumptuous contemporary Oriental range, 4 Living offer a stylish and varied selection of solid wood TV tables and units. The solid wood TV collection ranges from majestic, wall-length walnut units to a compact, single drawer Oak piece. The beautiful grain and tones found in Oak, Walnut and Teak create a juxtaposition with modern TV’s and digital boxes. The nourished wood will maintain a natural atmosphere in any living space.