Pay Homage To Film & TV With Your Interior

Pay Homage To Film & TV With Your Interior

Posted by Alex Greenan on 16th Mar 2022

I've always been a firm believer in the idea that the design of your home should be something of an expression of your personality. There can sometimes be a conflict between personal interests and the conventions of interior design aesthetics.

If your a big film lover like me, here are some great ways to express your love for teh big screen, whilst maintaining a cool contemporary interior identity.

1. Characters are everything

Movie Posters are the most typical way of paying homage to your favourite films within the home. However, why not add a little eastern flavour with a Japanese version of a classic western film poster. As well as being more unique than the original, the characters (letters, not people!) are more visually interesting and engaging.

grand budapest

2.Reel Talk

Old film reels are an amazing way of adding a vintage and unique nod to the silver screen. You can buy used reels of varying shapes and sizes for next to nothing. You could even spray paint the reels to add a colour contrast within a living room or dining room.

film reel

3. Direction

Occasional chairs are a great way of adding a little something to hallways and landing which lack their own focal point. Why not get your very own director's chair? A simple black chair with brass hinges in a classic look, but you can also get your own name printed on the back if you have the ego of a big-time director!


4. A novel idea -

So many of teh greatest motion pictures were based, at least in part, on novels. Not only are said novels great to read in order to develop a better understanding of the story, but they look great on your bookshelf. My personal tip is to go for the oldest, most classic and retro looking covers, such as the Jurassic Park one I've selected below.